Happy Birthday, Brody Angel

Happy birthday to my beautiful, sweet love, Brody Bird! He would've been 11 years old today, but cancer took him away from me last year on July 14, 2016. I love him and miss him every moment of every day.

Brody the Angel

Brody the Angel

Weekend Coloring

This weekend, I babysat Sid and Jamey, my sister's boyfriends kids while he was at work. We had a great day of gardening, walking around the neighborhood to get ice cream and my favorite, drawing with Jamey! 

Coloring with Jamey

Off to Russia!

Every year, I travel out of the country by myself for two weeks for my birthday. This year, I'll have company! My whole family and I are traveling to our birthplace, St. Petersburg, Russia! Then my parents and I will continue to Israel! 

Back on July 13!

Drawn for You traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia