Happy Birthday, Estha!

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Estah from Queens! She's a wild woman who always wears colorful outfits, has lipstick on her teeth and a glass of wine in her hand and always shares her wisdom with the world. I love this doll!

Keep on and Estha On!

 Estha is actually the alter ego of my good friend, Marie Therese Abou Daoud

Estha is actually the alter ego of my good friend, Marie Therese Abou Daoud

Remembering Grandpa Karl

It's been one year ago today that grandpa Karl passed away. I think about him often and remember his as a loving, gentle, kind man who loved us so much.

I miss you and love you, Karl!

Woman + Dog

I was recently commissioned to illustrate sweet little Cora dog floating around in a tube with her mama. Cora is a rescure from a puppy mill who now enjoys the good life!

Custom Illustrated Playing Cards

While at my parents house, I found the deck of playing cards I illustrated a year ago of my dad and his loves: vodka, lobster & oysters, travel and working out (well, not so much this one but he sure does it enough!). I gave him this set of cards for his birthday and I don't think he's ever used them!

Happy Birthday, Estha from Queens

Happy birthday to my dear friend, Estha from Queens, who is wise beyond her years, even while bathing!

Oh my gawd, Calgon, take Estha away!
I’m washing the week away like the filth that was
my dating life in Queens.

That’s my ex-husband
swirling around the drain.

Right where he belongs,
with my unwanted hairs and
shower spiders.

Happy Birthday, Angel Brody

Brody may be an angel now but that doesn't stop me from throwing a birthday party for him! Happy birthday to my sweet little Bird, who would've been 10 years old today.

I miss him so so much.