Custom Illustration on Shirts

Earlier this summer, I created designs for Jeff's surprise birthday party, including save-the-date cards, party invitations, along with a book of Jeff, where guests can sign and write their special birthday messages in. His wife (who commissioned me), also purchased the digital files to create a bunch of other products, such as masks and t-shirts. The party was a huge success and everyone got a t-shirt as a parting gift! She even sent me one... check it out!

Second Book in Progress

My second book (about a one eyed dog named "Happy") is coming along very nicely. I got the page flow down and edits are in (including my grocery list on the upper left corner of the first page!) I've had this idea cooking for well over a year now and happy to share more once I get going on the illustrations.

The goal is to have it in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Edits are in, including my grocery list on the upper left hand corner of the first page

Home from Scotland

I'm back from my beautiful, wonderful vacation in Scotland! Sad to leave such a magical land with rich history and lovely people but at least I have my memories to last a lifetime!

Back to the drawing board in the morning!

Drawn for You at Artisanal LA This Weekend

Hey, LA! Drawn for You is one of the many awesome exhibitors this weekend at Artisanal LA located in the, "I'm afraid to park my car on the street" area of Downtown Los Angeles! But no fear, because once inside, you'll forget where you are and can delight and explore all the wonderful vendors - like us! So come on down and say hi - we're in Booth 330.

Cards are at Kitson!

My cards are available at! Victoria Beckham, "I don't want to be seen eating, smiling or having fun" and Brian Williams, "I really f&@$ked things up".

Check them out here!