This morning, on my morning walk to the Marina, a seagull with a broken wing crossed my path. I couldn’t ignore the fact that his left wing was dragging on the ground so I followed him. I flagged down an employee in the Marina area and she said she’d report it. Somehow, I didn’t believe her (there was no urgency in her response) so I kept following him and stayed with him until help arrived. Which wasn’t soon - it was surprisingly very challenging to find the correct number for injured birds. I googled, called, emailed several rescue services but they were either too far away, or only rescued marine life. Finally, after 40 minutes, I was able to talk to someone and they dispatched help. They weren’t sure when they would arrive - could be 10 minutes or 3 hours. But I vowed to stay with my little friend, who I’ve now named “Swifty”. Swifty and I became friends and I followed him around as he walked the park, picked at garbage and relaxed on a sunny patch on the grass. He even inched a little closer to me, which made me smile, thinking that he trusted me to help! Finally, I got a call that Officer Romero arrived to help take Swifty away! He caught him quickly and gently and wrapped Swifty in a towel before putting him in the truck for a bird rescue where a vet will check him out. There was even another seagull around with a busted wing (though not as bad as Swifty’s), so I’m glad I was there to help rescue two birds!

This illustration is for Swifty, his friend and all the seagulls out there.

Happy Goodnight

I've taken a long enough break from my book, Happy Goodnight, and finally inspired enough to finish it (just 1/3 to go!).

Happy Birthday, Brody Angel

Happy birthday to my beautiful, sweet love, Brody Bird! He would've been 11 years old today, but cancer took him away from me last year on July 14, 2016. I love him and miss him every moment of every day.

 Brody the Angel

Brody the Angel