Happy Bonjour

My book, Happy Goodnight is still being printed and I’m already thinking of the next one in the “Happy” series: Happy Bonjour! Happy the one-eyed dog returns and he travels the world.

Now I have to write the story!


This morning, on my morning walk to the Marina, a seagull with a broken wing crossed my path. I couldn’t ignore the fact that his left wing was dragging on the ground so I followed him. I flagged down an employee in the Marina area and she said she’d report it. Somehow, I didn’t believe her (there was no urgency in her response) so I kept following him and stayed with him until help arrived. Which wasn’t soon - it was surprisingly very challenging to find the correct number for injured birds. I googled, called, emailed several rescue services but they were either too far away, or only rescued marine life. Finally, after 40 minutes, I was able to talk to someone and they dispatched help. They weren’t sure when they would arrive - could be 10 minutes or 3 hours. But I vowed to stay with my little friend, who I’ve now named “Swifty”. Swifty and I became friends and I followed him around as he walked the park, picked at garbage and relaxed on a sunny patch on the grass. He even inched a little closer to me, which made me smile, thinking that he trusted me to help! Finally, I got a call that Officer Romero arrived to help take Swifty away! He caught him quickly and gently and wrapped Swifty in a towel before putting him in the truck for a bird rescue where a vet will check him out. There was even another seagull around with a busted wing (though not as bad as Swifty’s), so I’m glad I was there to help rescue two birds!

This illustration is for Swifty, his friend and all the seagulls out there.

Happy Goodnight

I've taken a long enough break from my book, Happy Goodnight, and finally inspired enough to finish it (just 1/3 to go!).