Vampire Sleestak

I remember I was always so scared to watch "Land of the Lost" when I was a kid because of the sleestaks. They were reptillian beings from another land and they hissed and scared the bejesus out of me.

Thank goodness I've grown up and can now have a new appreciation for the campy creatures. I've decided to make them a little more scary as a hybrid sleestak/vampire. 



He is pink and likes to show off his gams in wading water but it's a delicate balance as his horns keep him top heavy with lengths reaching over 3 feet. He is FLAMINGORAM

Hybrid Animals, FLAMINGORAM

Hybrid Animals Too

I'm working on my next book of wacky animals, Hybrid Animals Too. It's been a while since I created a collection and I have so many more now that a new book was calling! 

Here's a sneak peek of the cover... not final yet but just getting my thoughts down.

Check out the original version, Hybrid Animals.


He is the tallest living animal in the world and loves to eat grass but be careful, he is ill tempered and can cut you with his horns. He is RHINOGIRAFFE


He is cute, blubbery and able to easily catch fish in one of his eight arms.. but don't expect this pup to share. He is OCTOSEAL


He only comes out of his hole to stir up trouble and is full of venom. He is SNAKEWEASEL and he's inspired by the last boss I will ever have. Let's just call him Scott.