Hybrid Animals

What if a cat could fly like a bird? Or if a dog lived in the ocean? Hybrid Animals is a collection of special animals that have unique characteristics, behaviors and habitats. Purchase a book

He is quick, sly and hibernates for the winter. He is FOXBEAR

He loves rolling in mud and travels in a pack. He is WOLFPIG

She is a eucalyptus tree dweller with tusks that never stop growing. She is KOALABOAR

He is cute and docile but don't get too close... he stinks to high heaven. He is SKUNKCOW

He has a beautiful singing voice and lets you know who's boss. He is CATBIRD

He is ferocious and wise. He is LIONOWL


She has her winter coat on and loves bamboo. She is PANDASHEEP

He is gentle with kind eyes that sometimes get caught in the headlights while ice skating in a tuxedo. He is PENGUINDEER

He is sweet and gentle and swims in a straight line. He is DUCKGOAT

Her stripes will make you dizzy and she loves to multiply. She is ZEBRABUNNY

He likes to run track and will eat anything out of the dumpster. He is RATHORSE

She is slow moving and floats on her back at sea. She is OTTERMOOSE

She's social and feisty but as soon as you get close, she will put on her bandit mask and raid your trash. She's RACCOONCROW

He has sharp eyesight and can see acorns and prey for miles. He is SQUIRRELHAWK

He has razor sharp teeth and sleeps upside down in a swamp. He is GATORBAT

She's one of the oldest reptiles on earth and she's out for blood. She is TURTLESHARK

She is cute, blubbery and able to easily catch fish in one of her eight arms.. but don't expect this pup to share. She is OCTOSEAL

He may be blind and dumb, but he can play dead with the best of them while sleeping upside down. He is POSSUMBAT

He is the tallest living animal in the world and loves to eat grass but be careful, he is ill tempered and can cut you with his horns. He is RHINOGIRAFFE

He builds dams and loves the taste of honey. He is BEAVERBEE

He is pink and likes to show off his gams in wading water but his horns keep him top heavy with lengths reaching over 3 feet. He is FLAMINGORAM

He is the largest mammal on earth and eats off the ocean floor. He is SHRIMPWHALE

She’s a gentle animal with antlers reaching up to 5 ft long and powerful feet that he’s not afraid to kick you with. She is KANGAROOMOOSE

He has an enormous head and prefers to live in a herd, though he is fine on his own just one hour after birth. He is HIPPOHARE

He is extremely loyal and sleeps with his eyes open in water. He is DOGFISH

He's built for speed and can outrun any animal all the while looking good doing it in his tuxedo. He is CHEETAHPENGUIN

He’s covered in quills to keep predators away and is able to jump great distances. He is PORCUPINEFROG

He has moveable eyelids and walks sideways while eating insects. He is LIZARDCRAB

She’s spotted for camouflage with a long, elegant neck and able to pounce easily from rocks to trees. She is BOBCATGOOSE

He only comes out of his hole to stir up trouble and is full of venom. He is SNAKEWEASEL and he's inspired by the last boss I'll ever have. Let's just call him Scott

He is born to be wild and has opposable thumbs. He is CHIMPHOG

She’s the largest and most social land animal on Earth with her large, powerful trunk but be mindful, she is timid and feels uncomfortable when exposed. She is ELEPHANTMOUSE.

He can’t change his spots and is known for his graceful yet ferocious hunting techniques and be warned, he sees red when it comes to matadors in Spain. He is LEOPARDBULL

She’s a two-humped beauty that’s slower than molasses and can go as long as seven months without water in the desert. She is CAMELSNAIL

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What if a cat could fly like a bird? Or if a dog lived in the ocean? Written and illustrated by Julia Gomelsky, Hybrid Animals is a collection of special animals that have unique characteristics, behaviors and habitats that will be sure to make you smile and even learn a thing or two about these rare blends.

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